A kidney stone is one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. These disorders affecting more people during the summer season or heat.

Some tips to help decrease your risk of developing kidney stones this summer:

Increase liquid Intake: the best way to reduce and prevent most kidney stones is to drink enough liquid. The best tips are to drink water or other health liquid 2-3 liters per day. Water is the best liquid but in the summer heat, we need some more energy so citrus drinks such as lemonade and orange juice have also been shown to help prevent kidney stones.

Limit Sodium/Salt Intake: Salt causes the kidneys to produce more calcium, which increases the chance of kidney stones. Therefore, limiting foods that are high in salt can benefit to prevent the stone from developing.

Reduce to Consume animal Protein: eating too much animal protein like meat eggs, seafood and chicken can increase the level of uric acid because they contain purines.

Stay away from Foods that are High in Oxalate: People who are more likely to form calcium oxalate stones should avoid foods high in oxalates like spinach, different types of barriers, beetroot, sweet potatoes, soy chocolates, nuts, and Carbonated Beverages.

Consult with dietician: People who are facing a problem or who is feeling may have kidney stone problem for more concern your health they may want to consult a dietician who specializes in kidney stone preventing to work avoiding foods that may increase the chances of future kidney stone problems, depending on the type of stone they have.

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