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Best urologist in Pune

Dr. Suraj Lunavat is a well-known best urologist in Pune. He has more than 15 years of experience in this field. He has done his MBBS, MS in General Surgery, and Diplomate of National Board (DNB). He is currently working as a Consultant Urologist at Urology Clinic in Pune. He is also a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the Urology Society of Pune, and the Urology Society of India. He deals with the surgical aspects of diseases of the kidney, bladder, and prostate.

Urology treatments are medical treatments that focus on the urinary system and the male reproductive system. These treatments can range from simple, at-home treatments to complex surgeries. Some common urology treatments include:

-Dietary changes

Making changes to your diet can help to treat or prevent urinary problems. For example, if you have urinary incontinence, you may be advised to avoid foods and drinks that can irritate your bladders, such as caffeine and alcohol.


There are a variety of medications that can be used to treat urinary problems, such as incontinence and infections.


In some cases, surgery may be necessary to treat urinary problems. For example, surgery may be done to treat an enlarged prostate.