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Ureteroscopy in Pune For Kidney Stones


Ureteroscopy is done to remove small stones from ureter & is a non-invasive procedure. Care Well Medical Centre is offering Ureteroscopy in Pune at the best cost with best of quality treatment & services.

With so many technological advancements that had come up there is no doubt. That you get the best of the medical help at great pricing. Taking of which, Ureteroscopy is one such process that is a perfect example of technology. In this process, there is a small yet flexible telescope called ureteroscope which is inserted in the ureter and bladder. It is done in such a way that stones can be detected in the right manner along with some other problems. If there are any that are related to urinary tract. The surgeon with the help of such process can examine the ureteral stone. Which is located inside the ureter without any kind of problem.

It is one of the popular processes to detect stones in the ureter as it gives accurate results in less time span. Under this Ureteroscopy surgery in Pune. The doctor inserts a small yet flexible forceps in the bladder to the lower ureter which automatically collects the stones and pulls them. The surgery is also an outpatient process that can only be performed by the expert with years of experience in this field. With this process, the surgeon can access the 2/3rd of ureter without any kind of hassle. If you are planning to get this treatment done, make sure you are pretty much careful with the surgeon that you choose.

The best part about this treatment process is along with diagnosing. It can also help you get rid of number of stones irrespective of the size. As long as you have ureteroscopy performed by the doctor. You can be relaxed by the fact that you will get best solution. This treatment as compared to ESWL treatment is the best one to deal with. It includes the kidney stone fragmentation done with the help of helium laser device. It is undoubtedly secured and of course gives the best possible results. Once the treatment is over, no doubt that recovery process can be pretty quick, but you need to also understand that you must pay extra attention with the diet plan you follow.

How is Ureteroscopy performed?

Under this process, your local anesthetist will give you a dose by which there will not be any kind of sensation in the ureter. Then doctor will insert the ureteroscope into the urethra while sliding it into the bladder. There is a sterile liquid which flows throughout the scope to make sure it fills bladder. So, that the stretch can be easily achieved to make it convenient for the doctor to view the wall of the bladder. Once the bladder gets filled with liquid, patient usually feels discomfort and want to urinate. Doctor of course would release some liquid or employ the bladder the moment examination is done.

During the time of scope insertion till the removal of the same, there are few minutes in which doctor will decide the problem and accordingly treat it. Once the biopsy is done by taking the small sample of the tissue the process can last longer.

What are the Benefits?

Talking about the advantages, there is no doubt that this process is a perfect way to clear the ureteral and kidney stones. It is the most convenient way to inspect the kidney and ureter visually which even the radiologic treatment might not help. There are other injuries and structures which are also conveniently inspected. This is certainly the best way by which the stones can be checked and the right treatment is offered to the patient. The results are accurate and the treatment makes it further convenient for the patient to get received quite sooner. In the single session you will notice the fragmentation of the stones being done.

Why it is done?

Many people wonder the reason behind performing this type of process. Of course the new patients, might get tensed to see such type of option coming up. But it is also true that if you are looking out for some healthy options by which you can get rid of kidney stones and deal with other issues related to urinary tract then certainly. This is the right step to be taken. With this option, it becomes convenient for the urologists to get rid of stones that are accumulated in the ureter or the kidney. This is undoubtedly a new technology that has come up which can also help to deal with the small stones of kidney.

It might be difficult but is perfect solution with accurate results. If there is any kind of ureteral injury, tract infection, bleeding, or even the pain in the belly area. It is better that you immediately speak with your doctor about the same instead of ignoring.

After Care

Once the treatment gets over, you may notice some blood passing by the urine for next 2-3 days. There are also good chances for the people to go home the same day of the process. If, there is no complication noticed. At times, during the recovery stage, a patient may feel a burning sensation while urinating. However, this doesn’t lasts longer and it is always better to drink a lot of water as a part of aftercare process.

For the best Ureteroscopy treatment consult Dr. Suraj Lunavat one of the best urologist in Pune.

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